Public Speaking – Wallace speaks spontaneously with power, from a place of integrated awareness and universal understanding, on the potential for human greatness as a response to current world challenges, then takes spiritual questions from the audience.

Name Wallace Huey

Business Description A one-stop-shop for transcending all suffering
Business Category  Spiritual Teaching
Business name  Wallace Huey Spiritual Teacher
Telephone Number +353872466096
Town/City Rathfarnham, Dublin
Favourite Quote “If you take one step toward your True Self, your True Self will take 10 steps toward you.”Wallace Huey
Mind Expertise Going beyond the ego
Soul Expertise Freedom from suffering
Products and Services Offered A single Spiritual Path with custom resources and a team of facilitators that takes the student from seeking, through a spiritual awakening, to enlightenment.
Professional Biography The Before: Architect 10 years recovering from suicidal ideation, paranoid schizophrenia and chronic depression The Now: Company CEO Chun Ki Energy Master (Trained with Monk Cheong Wol, Korea) Kundalini Spiritual Awakening Spiritual Teacher Mystic Creative Genius Global Visionary
My Greatest Achievement To Date Travelling the journey from insanity to life mastery
Unique Selling Point I act as a mirror within which you see all your own suffering and in so doing transcend it.
Who is my Ideal customer Anyone interested in discovering and then living out of their true and authentic self.
Customer Testimonials
“I wanted to thank you for your support and the amazing inspiration that I got since I started with you! When I was out walking I said to myself, ”Oh my God, I feel like I am really, really happy” and I haven’t felt like this for a long, long time. Also, I am experiencing the peace of mind that is beyond understanding. Your coaching has had an incredible impact on me and I wanted to thank you for that!”
~ Michael~
“I began the journey highly sceptical that I could attain the inner peace that Wallace claimed his teachings could offer – wasn’t that for spiritual masters and yogis only? Yet I sit here now, feeling profoundly changed, my heart expanded and realize I have finally glimpsed this inner peace that we all seek. Now I have experienced it, I just want to radiate joy and serenity and share it with all in my life.”
~ Suzanne~
Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
* What seems like a tragedy always wears a smile. * Patience and perseverance are easily possible when you work lovingly * When you have solved a problem creatively you have already been paid for it * If you have to begin over, celebrate – you have just been promoted. * Difficulty is an illusion, a mountain with no top – give up the climb.
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