Practicing gratitude – the first step to witnessing Synergy.

Feeling grateful raises those feel good vibes and like you, I know this to be true, the moment I stop to appreciate my life.

– the moment I take a deep breath, slow down, exhale, let it all go…

– to fully immerse and appreciate how I synchronise with nature, people, animals and breathe in, to then slowly exhale, deeply, to let go of any stress, pain, fears, trauma. I experience balance, harmony, calm.

In stillness, I experience a shift out of my head and into my body.  My energy lifts.  Inner peace settles, the more I breathe in light and energy, the more I breathe out what no longer serves me…  I am so grateful to have stopped for this moment .  Joy fills my heart.

When I am ‘present’ to others,
And appreciate all that I have in my life,
The beauty all around me,
My heart opens, every time.

Today, I am grateful to those who serve me, behind the scenes – whom I don’t know.

To those who work in teams and in community.

Who keep our society and our systems going.

I am blessed to live in the West where our problems often pale into insignificance compared to those facing the pandemic in much poorer communities.  Having my basic needs met, keeps me positive, grounded, extremely grateful and warms my soul.

I recognise, that community-living plays an important role to belonging, feeling purposeful and lifting others.

Feeling gratitude kick-starts this energy exchange – rippling out into the world.  These vibrations reflect back at me, like a mirror, attracting connection, synchronicity with other similar energies, the larger eco-system, the universe.

And in becoming heart-centred – my awareness expands, my energy and creativity flows; my spirit lifts as does my wellbeing and potential. 

Being in Flow – when I am focused and receiving information from a higher consciousness – I synch with all those around me – my creativity just pours out.

Paradigm’s no longer exit and the possibilities are endless!

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2 thoughts on “Practicing gratitude – the first step to witnessing Synergy.

  1. Brilliant article Charlotte and very close to my heart: gratitude! I talk about it to my clients and practice it, every day, every second! It is more important than we imagine, and in fact, vital for a life congruent with our wants and desires.

    1. I so agree Pascale – opening hearts from a space of gratitude – flexes a new entry into keeping this wonderful muscle open, for longer periods of time – long enough to attract more love into our lives! What a wonderful muscle the heart is – keeps us going on all levels. thanks Pascale, love your work.

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