We are a Life, Career & Business Coaching company with an added specialisation as NLP Master Practitioners and have been practicing full-time since 2007.
We offer 1 to 1 Coaching, outdoor coaching, group facilitation, and online & offline personal development programs.
Add to that Mind Coaching, Change facilitation, Trainer Dip., Professional speaker, Radio Host, and you get an idea of what we can do for you!!!

Name – Patrick Mercie

Business Name – The Intentional Academy

Business Category – Sales

Business Service Area – Limerick

Contact Name: Patrick Mercie
Phone Number: +353 83 3008963

Business Description:We are a Life & Business Coaching company with an added specialisation as NLP Master Practitioners and have been practicing full-time since 2007.

We deliver our fun, energetic and interactive programs, sessions, and courses online, on-site, and outdoors.

We fully believe that every human is born perfect. As we go through life, outside influences make us add layers on top of that perfect self. We doubt our abilities, we play it safe, we try not to stand out, we keep up with the Jones’.

This leads to lives filled with fear, limitations, anxieties, worries, and stresses. We do that individually, socially, professionally, and in our relationships.
At ‘The Intentional Academy’, we work with individuals, groups, organisations, and companies to discover the layers, understand them, and remove the unnecessary ones 1 by 1.

As a result, our clients reconnect with their true potential. We love seeing them shine, investing more time doing things they genuinely love. They flourish and enjoy fulfilling lives for themselves and passing this energy on to those they care for most.

We would love to do the same for you, your family, your organisation, your company.

Professional Biography
The Before:
• 1 Year conscription in Belgian Army
• 5 Years Hospitality sector
• 2 Years front of house Customer Relationships
• 4 Years in Customer Service Management roles in a Top 5 Computer Manufacturing company
• 2 Years European Escalation Manager in a Global Telecommunications Corporate
• 4 Years in National Retail ManagementThe Now:
• Life & Business Coach
• NLP Master Practitioner
• Qualified Trainer
• Career Coach
• Change Expert
• Professional Speaker
• Radio Host
• Marathon Runner x 124
• TBC: Author (writing 1st book)

Please give us one quotation that comes from you that speaks to your audience:
Make your Why drive your What and your How will reveal itself.
What 5 tips can you give to business owners in these challenging times?:
1.Reconnect with the reason you went into business. Your Why. This is your driving force.
2. Keep asking for feedback from your clients to find out what you excel at and what they are looking for from you going forward.
3. Share your vision for the company going forward with everyone.
4. Celebrate every win, small or big. This is important for mindset in difficult times.
5. Define yourself as a solution rather than a service or goods provider.

Testimonial: Patrick is an inspiring person with a different approach to things! He makes everything different and that is the quality we were looking for. Patrick animated the room in 3 seconds and his interactive methods of presentation made people really learn the know-how of Networking. He is simply very good at what he is doing! Highly recommended! Justyna C.

This morning I had the pleasure of Patrick’s expertise for our company where he met with our management team. A very productive and informative session. Great work Patrick! No hesitation in recommending Patrick for his excellent personable and professional approach to personal development and as a “Wall to bounce ideas off” Looking forward to our next meeting. Michael O’C.

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