One magic step to raise your vibration and create your success!

We all want to feel great.
Feel happy, content, joy and at peace.

That is what everyone is striving for.
Goals are set; Visions are created. Success is really so close.
And “When I get there, then I will feel happy, content, joy and at peace”.

But what if you could get there now?
What if there was a really easy change you could make in your life that would immediately allow you to feel all those beautiful high vibration feelings?

And what if, BEing in those higher vibration feelings, got you to your goals so much more quickly?

I invite you to join my Lenten Challenge!

It is very simple – but not so easy.

For the next 40 days…… Give up all Complaining & Blaming!

You might say you are not a complainer, but if you follow yourself around for one day, and take note of what you say and what you think, you would be surprised!

Why would this be so powerful a change to make?

Because complaining and blaming are such low level vibration modes and when we are in low level, we cannot create or attract the life we want.

In low level vibration, creativity and possibility are not possible.

In low level vibration, everything is tight and restrictive.

When we open ourselves up to Curiosity instead, we open up a whole new world.

We lift ourselves up onto a higher plane, where greater and lighter perspectives are possible.

Success is so much more achievable because opportunities can be seen and energy is higher.


If you would like to bring more abundance and gratitude into your life, feel more at ease and in flow, this is one of the magic steps to getting you there.

Release yourself from complaint and blame. Choose your response to align up to how you want to feel.

Sign up to the 40 day challenge by joining my Facebook group “” or contact me through my page on Your Holistic Academy “

At least, give it a try. It can ONLY have positive results!

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2 thoughts on “One magic step to raise your vibration and create your success!

  1. I so agree with that Fiona! The law of atraction is so powerful and yet so many people ignore it or simply don’t believe in it, dismissing it for airy-fairy talk! If only they knew! Great article!

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