Name Mary Mullally  – Massage Products Dublin

Business Name – Pure Pro Massage Products – Ireland

Email Address –

Telephone Number –  087 287 0555

City – Dublin Ireland


Business Description – Pure Pro Massage Products – Ireland is the Irish and European agent/distributor for Pure Pro Massage Products.  Supplying a range of all-natural/organic massage oils, creams, lotions and accessories to the massage industry.  I supply individual therapists, salons, schools/colleges, students, spas, cancer support centres.

Business Category  – Health And Wellbeing

Professional Biography –  I have been a massage therapist for almost two decades, working from my home.  Prior to that, I was a director of a print and design company for 20 years. Training as a therapist was life-changing and then taking over the Irish (and now UK & European) Agency to distribute Pure Pro Massage Products in 2012 was a natural synergy with my own business.  I know what therapists need for their clients, I understand their issues, and can offer solutions from my own, first-hand knowledge of the industry.  Being National Secretary for the IMTA (Irish Massage Therapists Association) for 5 years gave me an even deeper understanding of the problems and issues faced by therapists, particularly those working alone, often isolated and without support.  That is why I Admin a FB support group for therapists called “Massage Matters”.

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or  measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity”.     

Don Alden


What is your greatest achievement to date? Taking over the Irish agency for Pure Pro products and developing it over the past 10 years to where it is today.

Unique Selling Point – I have two actually!  Pure Pro Massage Products are amazing, economical, effective, and environmentally friendly.  My customer service is also environmentally friendly as I reuse and recycle all packaging.

Who is our ideal  customer –  Our ideal customer is:  individual massage therapists, massage clinics, spas, massage schools and colleges, students and cancer support centers 

 Testimonials – Seven years on I’m still really enthusiastic about Pure Pro. I find Ultra oil goes a very long way and works especially well mixed with Arnica Massage Lotion to control grip and glide in myofascial work – it’s great.

The Arnica Massage Oil is my favourite for neck and shoulder work. The quality is sublime and clients love the feel of it as well as the gorgeous aroma. I’ve not found anything else as clean, versatile as Pure Pro Ultra and it’s very easy on the laundry.
Stas Bernasinski, Remedy Massage, Cork.

Here Are 5 Tips I Can Give You In Challenging Times

  1. Always have an “attitude of gratitude” for what you have.
  2. Connect daily with who or whatever you believe in
  3. Keep your vibration/chi/lifeforce energy as strong and vibrant as possible 
  4. Be kind to everyone you meet.
  5. Be kind to yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself


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