I am passionate about all things holistic and in particular helping people finding balance and calmness in their life. However, my interest in complementary therapies really began in 2005 when I was forced to take a year off work with work-related stress. The sudden death of my brother in 2015 really made me take stock of my life and I eventually went on to study Aromatherapy, Reiki BioEnergy, and Success Coaching. Reiki and Aromatherapy changed my life and my mission is to share that with you.

Name -Maria Morgan – Essential Healing & Alternative Health Drogheda

Business Name  – Essential Healing

E-mail Address  – morganmaria07@gmail.com

Telephone Number – 086 8205275

Town/City – Drogheda, Louth

Website –  https://essentialhealing.ie

Body Expertise – Energy Healing, Physical Touch Therapy.

Soul Expertise – Aromatherapy

Business Description – We are living in a very stressful world and I know at first hand the devastating effect stress has on the body. Essential Healing is a haven, a sanctuary when people can come to relax take stock, and just take time to breathe. There is a range of holistic treatments designed to treat the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

Business Category – Health & Wellness

Products and Services Offered

Essential Healing Nurture Hour is a bespoke treatment incorporating, a mini aromatherapy facial, aromatic foot massage, and finishes with the gentle healing reiki energy.

Reiki is a holistic treatment for balancing, healing, and harmonising all aspects of the person – body, mind, and spirit.

BioEnergy is a holistic therapy that works by releasing energy blockages and returning the body to a state of flow and balance.

Indian Head massage releases stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles, and joints of the head, face, neck, and shoulders.

Deluxe Aromatherapy Facial using all-natural skincare products and essential oils the face is gently massaged which will leave your face looking and feeling radiant.

Aromatic Reflex Foot massage this treatment combines all the benefits of Aromatherapy & Reflexology.

Hopi Ear Candling is a pleasant non-invasive treatment of the ears used to treat conditions such as sinusitis, headaches, earaches, head and neck tension.

Professional Biography -My professional background is in education having worked in the field of Adult Education for a period of 20 years.  My role was as an Adult Literacy Officer where I devised educational programs for people with literacy, numeracy, or language difficulties.  I know the transformational effect education can have on a person’s life.

In recent years I have incorporated my love for holistic health and my passion for education and now deliver Stress management, Introduction to Aromatherapy, Reiki, and Transform Your Life from Within.

With my extensive experience in curriculum development, I will work with individuals, groups, or businesses to devise a tailor-made program that will best suit individual and companies’ needs and requirements.

Quote“Some of life’s greatest gifts come wrapped in sandpaper with every challenge in life comes an opportunity for great learning.”

My Greatest Achievement To Date – Taking a leap of faith in stepping away from a successful career in Adult Education and setting up Essential Healing and hosting the first Transform Your Life in 2020 online program.

Unique Selling Point – I offer a bespoke service to cater to devised to help people take back control of their health & wellbeing and give them the confidence to be the best version of themselves.

Who Is My Ideal Customer -People who are suffering from stress, anxiety, exhaustion, etc who are looking for some peace and relaxation.

People who are interested in taking back control of the health and well-being in a more natural, holistic way.

People who are at a crossroads in their life who are possibly looking at making changes in their life and don’t know where to start.

Customer Testimonial –Had my 2nd session of reiki with Maria today. I feel fantastic after it. Maria really is great at reiki and I’d highly recommend for anyone to try this treatment out with her. I’m also using her own special blend of oils and creams which are amazing. 10 out 10

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times 

  1. Take time to breathe I know it sounds simple but whenever we are anxious or stressed we tend to shallow breathe.  This is the one tip I tell all my clients are it has the greatest impact on their lives.
  2. Spend some time in nature, get out in the fresh air, go for walk/jog/run, or simply sat outside in the garden with a cup of coffee for 5 minutes.
  3. My greatest pleasure is having an aromatherapy bath I find it a great way to relieve stress and help me get a good night’s sleep.
  4. Get a good night’s sleep, turn off technology at least an hour before bedtime, establish a good bedtime routine allowing your body to wind down, I also reading a couple of pages of my book before I go to sleep really helps my brain to switch off.
  5. Keep a gratitude journal, we all have so many things in life to be grateful for and when you focus on good things in your life you naturally become more positive.

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