I am a qualified meditation teacher specialising in guided meditation from beginners level right through to advanced. My goal is to educate individuals who are beginning their meditation journey but need some hands-on guidance to find their path to enlightenment and connect deeply with their inner world.

Name – Malia Hynes – Mindfulness & Meditation Coach Cork

Business Name  – Meditations with Mia

E-mail Address  – hynesmalia@gmail.com

Telephone Number – 0838663572

Town/City – Cork

Website –  https://meditationswithmia.com

Mind Expertise –  Coaching, Mindfulness/Meditation

Body Expertise – Breathwork

Soul Expertise – Spirituality

Business Description -I am a meditation teacher offering online relaxation classes and beginner and advanced meditation courses. 

At Meditations, with Mia, we believe in guiding individuals from the very beginning of their meditation journey right through until they are confident enough to continue their path to enlightenment on their own. 

I take a very hands-on approach to guided meditation and offer complete beginners and advanced packages. I will guide you throughout your meditation journey and provide weekly tasks for you to complete to help you along your way. 

As the service I provide is online, I can reach people all over the world who are struggling with beginning their meditation journey.

This meditation service to geared towards helping individuals connect deeply with their inner world and seek happiness and contentment from what already lies within them.

Business Category – Mindfulness and Meditation

Products and Services Offered

Professional Biography

5 years practicing the art of meditation

BSC in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

2 years Validation Engineer in Pharmaceutical Industry

2 years Design Engineer in Medical Device Industry


10 years practicing the art of meditation

Qualified Meditation Teacher

Founder of meditations with Mia

Running Youtube channel meditation with Mia

Running online blog providing tips to help people become more present in their daily lives

Quote“How can I truly be happy or content if I am always looking back at the past or towards the future, seeking fulfilment from external things and when they go my happiness goes with them. True happiness and contentment must come from within as only then when you go your happiness will go with you”

My Greatest Achievement To Date -Leaving the corporate world and pursuing a career in meditation

Unique Selling Point – My hands-on approach to guided meditation, making meditation an easy and fun practice for individuals

Who Is My Ideal Customer – Individuals who are thinking about starting their meditation journey or who have started but need some guidance along the way, this includes individuals who have an advanced meditation practice but have come to a roadblock along the way. 

My relaxation classes can be extremely helpful for individuals who have high stressful careers and are looking to switch off from their outer world

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times 

  1. Be grateful for what you have in this current moment.
  2. Begin a gratefulness journal in which you write at least 3 things in it that you are thankful for at the end of each day.
  3. Be present as much as you can.
  4. Give kindness towards yourself and to other people,
  5. Take this time to rethink your goals in life.

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