Name Lucy Townsley
Business Description
> One of Ireland’s leading Women’s Empowerment & Health Experts.
Over 25 years I’ve helped thousands of women feel empowered in their lives through increasing their confidence, self-believe, improving their fertility and transitioning into healthy menopause. Ultimately moving to a place where they want to be in their life.
REGAIN YOU POWER > If you feel like you are never doing a good enough job at anything as you try to manage the demands on you from juggling life, family and work, then I can help you. My online life coaching will support you to regain your power and confidence, so you can get back in the driving seat and enjoy your life again.
FERTILITY >” Who knew it would be this hard to have a baby” I understand what you are going through! I’m here to help and advise you on your journey to having a baby.
MENOPAUSE > No matter what stage of menopause you are in, brain fog, hot flushes, night sweating, loss of libido, feeling anxious & overwhelmed. I’m here to help.
WORKING WITH ME >I will be your life and health detective. We’ll delve deep into what stopping you achieve your goals.
WHY WORK WITH ME >My Programs take away confusion, fear, and frustration. I will provide you with a direct path you can follow to achieve your goals.
This is what I love to do! Using my knowledge gained from – Life coaching with strategic intervention The wisdom of Chinese Medicine, identifying root causes that are impacting you.
Transforming your mindset with the Universal Process (acupuncture without needles) Nutrition Correct Exercise routines Adjusting Sleep patterns I use impactful formulas from different aspects of medicine to improve your health. The programs only take three-months. I map your entire story to a better one.
I am a fully trained Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist, Life Coach & Strategic Interventionist, Herbalist, EFT. I travelled to Beijing to continue my post-graduate qualification with extra focus on the way TCM deals with western women’s health I joined the Zita West affiliated – following Zita treatments and protocols.
WHO I WORK WITH > Women who want empowering SPECIALITIES > #womenHealth, lifestagecoaching #Fertility #Menopause #lifecoaching #empoweringwomen 
Business Category Health 
Business name  Lucy Townsley 
Telephone Number 00353872273084
Town/City Loughrea, County Galway, Ireland 
Favourite Quote “Every day is about what you do. The appreciation of life, people, and events. If you take everything that happened to you as part of your story. This is the journey of your life.”
Mind Expertise Strategic Life Coaching
Body Expertise Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture – Herbs
Soul Expertise Universal Process – Acupuncture without needles
Products and Services Offered
Strategic Life Coaching – Acupuncture – Women’s Health Coach – Women’s Group coaching
Professional Biography
Let me tell you a bit about me. How I became an acupuncturist, and how I went on to specialize in fertility and women’s health. Having a passion for everything horses growing up, it led me to a career as a Jockey.
Lucy Townsley
Being a lady Jockey is not something you see every day, but for me, there was no other choice. I had to do it! Being a Jockey is a tough life, and it brings with it risk.
Sadly, this risk was made real one day when I received a life-altering fall that saw me rushed to A&E where I received the news that I had broken my back. This was heartbreaking for me.
All I knew was my life as a jockey and it was now over. But when one door closes, another opens! While recovering from the accident, I started acupuncture treatments, to help with my recovery.
The effect this treatment had on my recovery was astonishing.
I went from being completely immobilized to moving again. I was so incredibly grateful and amazed at how effective the treatment was, I decided this was something I had to study and learn.
After I qualified as a fully-fledged acupuncturist, one of my first clients was a lady trying to get pregnant for several years without any success.
She had become quite frustrated and disillusioned from years of failed attempts. This was my first major challenge!
Working from a place of honesty and focus, we succeeded in getting her pregnant only a few months later. Through the success of this case, and the interest I found in the area of fertility, it became an area of focus and research for me.
This lead me into other areas of women’s health looking into the menstrual cycle and menopause. How much we all need help in both of these very important part of our lives.
Also, during this time, my sister had been diagnosed with cancer. To add this heartbreaking news, she had lived with the knowledge that she could not have children due to a back condition that was diagnosed when she was only sixteen years old.
So, we got to work!!
Firstly, to help with her treatment. But my sister had also decided that she wanted children. After a lot of family discussion, we went ahead with helping her become pregnant.
After her chemo was complete, she went into full remission. And if that news didn’t create enough excitement in our family, she also became pregnant. Unfortunately, the pregnancy did not hold, and she had a miscarriage. She was devastated.
After all she had been through, how could she try again. It took some time for her to reach a point of strength and belief that she could go again.
But she did, and after six months of treatments, she was pregnant. Not just pregnant, but with twins. Months later she conceived a beautiful boy and girl.
These are just a couple of stories of 100’s of amazing experiences I have witnessed in the last twenty five years of helping couples get pregnant.
Helping women see there true potential as they head through menopause knowing they have got this.
I know how important it is to have children, I have 3 children. My last child, I gave birth to, one week before I was 41. So, I am proof that you can have a baby over 40.
As I head toward my own menopause journey I have and will be doing all the things that I can teach you. I hope you can see what my values are and my commitment to finding the best solutions to make your dream of having children come true.
My Fertility Mastermind is the culmination of years of research; years of trial and error; years of belief that with the right guidance, pregnancy is possible.
Let me be your guide and we can make this dream a reality.
You heard the saying “Life begins at 50”.
It truly does my menopause mastermind will guide you to the best version of yourself from my years of experience treating 1000’s of women like you.
Lots and lots of love Lucy xx
I live in Loughrea Co Galway Ireland with my partner and 3 children, Hannah, James and Amber, 4 ponies, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 3 chickens, and 2 budgies.
• Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture – Active Health Foundation November 2008 Acupuncture & IVF – Dublin 2006
• Pain-Free Acupuncture for Children & Shonishin
• Acupuncture for Fertility & Pregnancy – Affiliated Acupuncturist Member Zita West Network of Reproductive Health
• Lucy is a member of The Acupuncture Council of Ireland (T.C.M.C.I) since 1998 Founder of My Fertile Body 2015
• Prepared Herbs – 1998
• Tunai – Affiliated to the Nanjing University of TCM February 2006
• Lucy trained with Zita West specializing in fertility IVF IUI (pre and post transfers) and pregnancy and post-pregnancy.
Many patients are referrals from gynecologists and obstetricians.
• Universal Process – Acupuncture without needles 2020 Strategic Life Coach 2020
My Greatest Achievement To Date
My three children
Unique Selling Point
I genuinely see the benefit I bring to women I’ve helped and the improvement I bring in their lives!
I’m the voice inside your head that encourages you when you’re at work or at home with family that you have got this. My clients often tell me this.
The voice that’s there when you need help with what you eat or the worries that you feel before you go to sleep. The voice that’s helped you find solutions. You’ll feel empowered, strong, and in control with all the knowledge that I share with you.
I look for the root cause of the problem not a sticky plaster over the hole.
My expertise of 25 years treating women with Chinese medicine. Western psychology of the 6 human needs strategic coaching Using the Universal Process acupuncture without needles Nutrition 5 different flavors and quality of foods hot or cold
Who is my Ideal customer
Women aged 30 to 57
Customer Testimonials
“Thank you for all you have done for me over the last few months you will never know just how much you have helped me. I know I will have bad days but now I know how to deal with them, why they are happening and that must importantly that they are just BAD DAYS….. not the end of the world. love always.”
Shannon xx
Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
1. Every morning when you wake up drink a glass of water with squeezed lemon or lime juice this will clean out your liver from all the toxin built up during sleep.
2. Everyday thinks of 3 thought that make your smile, laugh feel happy. Then set 3 tasks that you can complete that day.
3. Create uncertainly in your life, plan and be adventuress. You will not believe how good you feel afterwards
4. There is no such things as mistakes just new ways to learn and do things
5. Never give up on yourself everyone’s journey is different
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