Kamila Lukaszewicz is a founder of Alchemy Multiverse. She is devoted to helping people in the process of inner alchemy, sharing yoga, meditation and holistic therapies to create content and joyful life. Kamila’s journey as a therapist and teacher started in 2001 with beauty therapy and holistic massage training. Since she is diving deep into eastern wisdom of yoga, Tai Qi and healing arts to find best ways of supporting the live energy and develop human potential within each one of us.

Name -KamilaLukaszewicz

Business Name  – Alchemy Multiverse

E-mail Address  – alchemymultiverse@gmail.com

Telephone Number – 0871519351

Town/City -Maynooth

Website –  https://alchemymultiverse.com

Soul Expertise – Spirituality

Business Description – At Alchemy, we are committed to help you build a sustainable self-care practice, enabling you to live healthy, balanced, and connected life. Through incorporating yoga, meditation, and energy work with quantum coherence therapy and sound healing, we will guide you through the gentle process of inner alchemy and well-paced, safe transformation.

In Alchemy we share a love for nature, creating a wild-crafted herbal range of cosmetics promoting healthy and vibrant skin. We grow the majority of our ingredients organically, following the cycles of the seasons and natural ways of being.

Business Category – Holistic Therapies, Yoga, Meditation

Products and Services Offered 

Virtual Yoga Classes

Virtual Meditation Courses

Virtual Meditation Teacher Training

Distant Quantum Coherence Therapy/ Sound Therapy

Wellness Packages

Professional Biography – Kamila Lukaszewicz is a certified 350-hour Yoga Teacher currently deepening her studies in a 300 hour advanced Yoga Teacher Training.


Quantum Coherence Therapy

Sound Therapy

Holistic Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage

Liudong Qi Massage

Beauty Therapy





Meditation Teacher Training

Sound Therapy Practitioner Training

QuoteBe yourself and grow in love and joy everyday.

Unique Selling Point 

Move Play Rest

Yoga mixed with healing arts is a powerful combination of working with clients and students on all levels of development. Gentle physical practice supported by healing tools can bring deep changes in a human being. This can result in a feeling of living lighter, more content and balanced life.

Who Is My Ideal Customer – A person who is seeking change in life either in regards to healthier body, mind or soul. It is someone who likes to ask questions and is open to pursue self-inquiry. My customer is willing to collaborate, learn new skills to support himself/herself and is discerning. It is a person who knows that he/she needs to commit to the process of healing, as there is nobody else who can do it for us.

“I love these yoga sessions, such a nice flow. I always feel energized and more motivated after. Meditations are also lovely. I would highly recommend Kamila’s sessions to anyone who wants to keep a healthy body, mind, and spirit.”
Erika Leffey

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times

Move every day

Spend time in nature

Use this time for personal growth

Learn something new every day

Connect to gratitude and love as often as you can

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