JT Coaching inspires heals and empowers its clients by equipping them with a set of coping skills and tools to tap into their incredible potential.

Name – Jacqui Taaffe Life & Mindset Coach Drogheda

Business Name – JT Coaching

Email Address – jtaaffecoaching@gmail.com

Telephone Number – 087-9470860


Business Description – JT Coaching inspires, heals, and empowers its clients. If you are struggling, feeling stuck, worrying, anxious, lacking confidence, and doubting yourself.
Well, then it’s time that you reached out and worked with me.
I did not become more confident, I didn’t get confidence either.
I became confident because I became an authority and expert on myself.
That’s what I do when I work with clients’ they become their greatest authority, expert, and advocate also. In order that they can be, do and have the life that they want.
That’s how you can and will overcome any of your life challenges’ remember that all you have and need is within you. I believe and know that self-empowerment can only be truly achieved by becoming your own greatest authority and expert.

Without a doubt’
Self-Empowerment is Self-Knowledge!

We strive and are committed to providing excellent, impeccable life-changing services to our clients by the sharing of valuable information and strategies. We hold ourselves highly accountable in fulfilling our commitments to our clients. Remember’ YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!

Our Company Values

Truth, Honesty, Dignity, Consent, Reliability, Loyalty, Fairness, Commitment, Open-mindedness, Awareness, Listening, Inspire Others, Inspire Change, Consistency, Honesty, Efficiency, Creativity, Family, Fun, Compassion, Motivation, Positivity, Optimism, Passion, Respect, Courage, Education, Perseverance, Growth Environment, Adaptability, Embrace Change, Embrace Failure, Challenge, and Integrity.

Business Category – Life & Mindset Coach

Products and Services Offered

  • One to One Coaching
  • One to One Online Coaching
  • Clarity Consultation
  • Up and coming course
  • Developing programs that promote Awareness to improve better mental health habits/overall well-being. Gratitude Mindset to “RISE”

Free guide available to download; http://bit.ly/jtfreebie

All prices are available on www.jacquitaaffe.com

Professional Biography

Hi I’m Jacqui:

I inspire and empower my clients to believe in themselves, to tap into their incredible potential so that they can live and create their most happy and best fulfilled life. I do this by sharing my life experiences and knowledge, a set of practical coping skills and strategies that will better improve mental health and healthy habits that overall will increase your well being.

My Gentle Reminder For You:

You have a unique story to tell and to create that’s why you are here. Your story matters.

But so many people remain stuck and held back from creating the lives they want because of their beliefs, their stories and the thoughts they tell themselves.

So if what I’ve just said resonates with you?  Then you’ve just found the person you are looking for to work with. There’s no time to loose so let’s begin creating the life that you deep down in your heart desire. I can’t wait to work with you.


Quotation –

“Live A Life That Is Truly Yours”


My greatest professional achievement to date –When I was a finalist in the Network Louth Businesswoman of the Year Awards 2018 under the category of New Emerging Business.

Unique Selling Point – I inspire and empower my clients to be their very best, most fulfilled, and empowered self.

As an individual and life coach, I bring my own unique set of personal qualities and skills to the work that I do with clients.

By sharing my own set of coping skills and strategies which improve better mental health habits and overall well-being for them and therefore enhancing their quality of life too. 

Who is your customer 

  • Women between the 35 -60-year-olds – stay at home Mums which children have grown up
  • Women who find themselves at a life cross-roads
  • Women who have had a life changing event
  • Women who lack confidence, self-belief and feel they are not good enough
  • Women and men who have negative and self-limiting self-talk.

5 tips to give to people in these challenging times

  1. JT Coaching believes your mind is one of the most important muscles in your body to be looked after and exercised. How it performs is based on how you look after it and exercise it.Be selective and deliberate in what you watch, read and listen to – strictly only positive, empowering, and quality material. As a consequence, you will have a more positive outlook and a better sense of overall wellbeing if you choose positive content.
  2. Gratitude as a daily practice is one of the most powerful practices I can recommend you adopt in your life. To deliberately put yourself in a state of deep appreciation daily for the things you have in your life and to feel your deep appreciation and gratitude for them will positively change your life. Interested in getting my Gratitude guide, just contact me through the website.
  3. Make a daily plan and commit to doing at least two actions per day that will benefit you and your environment. We all have to do list so I suggest you start ticking those to do’s off your list. At a time when many feel a lack of control it’s time to recognise what is under your control. Taking control of your do list is a great way to take control of your own power.
  4. When comes to people’s mental health connecting and chatting with them is right up there as a top priority as one of the most important things you need to do. So plan and schedule weekly some phone calls with friends, family and it is very important that the people you choose will lift your spirits.
  5. Get yourself out into nature or to the beach as both help to improve mood, studies show huge benefits of walking on the beach. One benefit is that by going to beach it reduces stress as the Ocean water is filled with positive ions which have a calming effect on the human mind.

So whatever you choose’ ENJOY!

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