Celebrations for every reason!

We celebrate St. Patrick today! We casually celebrate so many of these occasions each year!

Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Eid al-Fitr, Halloween, Diwali, Christmas.

We do this year in, year out.

We also celebrate milestones. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births, engagements, graduations, new jobs.

All celebrations because of big events.



And that’s where it stops for most. It is as if we revel in the things that we are expected to. The things that carry with them a social norm. You kind of HAVE to.

You are looked upon if you don’t.


I celebrate EVERY day. By being grateful for what I have. By writing down the 3 best things that happened to me every night. By each day doing at least one thing just for my own pleasure.

I also celebrate every moment I feel I contributed to someone else’s wellbeing or happiness. Every day.


So Yes, Happy St Patrick’s Day. For so many reasons. For the big things, and the small things.

Let’s celebrate more often!


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2 thoughts on “Celebrations for every reason!

  1. So true Patrick – to live with rituals helps us to belong. Helps us to stop and appreciate just what we have, going on all around us – our family, our tribe, and our an amazing planet that is working so hard to keep in balance to sustain us … so in my mind, rituals not only remind us of just how far we have come, but also to stop, breathe and just BE in that moment -.. and then of course gratitude can take over and ripple out into the world…. loving your posts Patrick – and on St Patricks Day too!

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