Name –  Caroline Mc Donagh – Nutritionist, Health & Life Coach

Business Name  –  Caroline Mc Donagh

E-mail Address  –

Telephone Number –  +353876209066

Town/City –  Dublin

Website –

Business Description –  Caroline Mc Donagh DHN, DHPM, MIAHM helps people transform their lives and enjoy better health, happiness, fulfillment and wellbeing.  Caroline is an experienced accredited Holistic and Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Psychotherapist, Health Coach,  Life Coach and NLP Corporate Coach, Speaker Lecturer and Supplement Formulator.

Business Category –  Nutritionist, Life Coach, Wellness

Products and Services Offered –  Caroline tailors Nutrition, Health, Wellness and Wellbeing programs for individuals, groups and corporates taking into account needs, stress levels, outcomes etc. She also provides Life Coaching and Health Coaching programs.  She conducts workshops, seminars, courses, talks and Workplace Wellness programs incorporating her many disciplines. All are available online also.

Professional Biography –  Caroline has taught on Holistic Nutrition and Health Coaching Diploma courses for many years. She is a corporate trainer and has worked as a nutrition advisor and trainer to staff of health stores and gyms. She has featured on TV shows in Ireland as an expert in both Nutrition and Life Coaching including a transformational series with other experts including Dr Patrick Holford. She frequently does radio interviews and writes articles for the print media.

Quote –  Health is the new Wealth. Invest in yourself and the rest of your life.

Unique Selling Point –  Caroline has a strong understanding of natural healing and holistic success approaches from her many studies in these and related areas, from client’s results and also from her own experience. Due to a serious illness with a poor prognosis in her late teens Caroline set about investigating the whole area of Holistic and Complementary Medicine, Nutrition and Mind-training. She went on to make a complete recovery.

Who Is My Ideal Customer – Individuals, groups and corporates who want to enjoy a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. 

Customer Testimonial – “Caroline has been a real inspiration both for me personally and for my team. Her brilliance lies in her simplicity to share empowering information in ways that the audience grasps easily and effortlessly. Caroline is also a true living example of the message she shares which makes her very unique and special in the whole arena of personal and professional development. I highly recommend you tap into her energy and her message – I am certainly glad I did.”
– J.M.

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times 

Practice gratitude daily

Eat real, unprocessed foods that are sugar-free

Ensure you get adequate fruit and vegetables daily

Have clear, defined goals to work towards

Be aware of your mindset – avoid dwelling on negative thoughts


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