Name –  Bimi Corbett –  Signature Veda, Natural Skincare & Perfume

Business Name  –  Signature Veda

E-mail Address  –

Telephone Number –  +353871186820

Town/City –  Galway

Website –

Body Expertise –  Natural Skincare

Soul Expertise – Aromatherapy

Business Description

Signature Veda products are natural, vegan, animal cruelty free and nutrient rich.

Pamper yourself with a heavenly experience of using Ayurveda inspired exotic products brought from different parts of the world.  Signature Veda has an inside out beauty and wellness approach and aims to bring you closer to the world of holistic healing and wellbeing. Signature Veda is here to restore your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional balance.

Our beautiful perfume will enhance you by making you feel at your best and our skin products would nourish and will work with you to have the best and balanced beautiful skin with a concept of beauty from within.

Business Category –  Natural Perfume and Natural Skincare

Products and Services Offered

  • Vegan, Natural skincare products and perfumes
  • Consultation for custom made skincare products as per your body nature based on Ayurveda system
  • Consultation for your personal perfume that is made for you
  • Here is a link to my new product Foot Balm

Purpose of this foot balm

  1. Skin Repair
  2. Strengthen muscles and bones
  3. Supply nutrients to your body

If you know anyone who will replace their current foot cream with this product, please refer them to me.

Quote –  Signature Veda products are natural, vegan, animal cruelty free and nutrient rich.

Unique Selling Point –  The business fulfills bringing beauty secrets and unique luxury products from far away lands through the recipes of perfumes and skincare product.

Who Is My Ideal Customer 

  • Vegans
  • Natural Skincare Lovers
  • Organic Botanical Product Users
  • People Who Like Unique Luxury Products

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times –

  1. Take care of yourself, health is an important thing to prioritise
  2. Use products that nourish you, stop using synthetic toxic products
  3. Balance your immunity by exercising, eating healthy, remembering to smile, laughing out loud, spreading happiness
  4. Bring people along with you as you grow, if you surround yourself with people who you crushed or cannot grow, you too will fall sooner than you know. If you surround yourself with people who are growing, you too will grow
  5. Love yourself and practice self care so you are equipped to give care and love to people who matter to you.

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