Becoming Present-The greatest tool you’ll ever need on your meditation journey

Becoming Present

You may be asking yourself how do I become present? What techniques do I need? How hard do I have to try? I have tried to become present before and it hasn’t worked so why will it be any different this time? Do I have time to introduce presence into my life etc?  

The answer to all your questions is…STOP, look at the picture on this blog in front of you right now, notice the colours in the picture, the pattern of the waves..NOW notice your breath as it is. Done?….You have now for a few seconds become present right in this very moment, the moment you are in right now. 

The key thing to remember about presence is that it is not something you need to search for, it is already right in front of you, within you, beside you, around you, the only thing that you need to do is become AWARE of it.

Now the question you might be asking yourself is but that was only for a few seconds, i want it to be longer than that?! And my answer is yes that was only for a few seconds but by practicing awareness, presence,mindfulness a few times a day these few seconds can become a few more seconds which can turn into a few minutes which can turn into you becoming more present in your lives on a daily basis. 

How can you do this? Why not set yourself a “BE HERE NOW” reminder on you phone for once a day to start or if you are a busy person always on zoom meetings or a busy stay home mom or dad always running around after the kids, stick a sticky note either to your laptop or somewhere in the house that you frequently are and every time the reminder on your phone goes off or you see the sticky note in front of you just practice what we done a few moments ago. STOP..NOW look at what is right in front of you and become AWARE of your breath. 

As you go forward with this practice just remember that you do not need to go searching for presence, it is always right here, your body is always in the present moment but it is up to you to become aware and bring your mind back to it.

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One thought on “Becoming Present-The greatest tool you’ll ever need on your meditation journey

  1. Great article Malia, the sticky note advice is very good, it rwally makes you stop and think, and be present, even for a few seconds, which can be upped to a few more seconds each day.

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