Name Annette Cashell

Business Name Movement Makeovers 

Business Category Health and Wellness

Business Description I help people to add movement (not exercise!) into their everyday lives for better WHOLE body health.


Telephone Number +353870609801

Town Malahide


Professional Biography BA in Marketing and Languages (German and French), STOTT Pilates Teacher, NCEF Fitness Trainer, Fascial Fitness Trainer, Nutritious Movement Certified Specialist.

Products and Services Offered
FREE 45 min webinar “Take the Pain Out of Working From Home”, Online workshops on Strong Bones/Happy Feet/Healthy Pelvic Floor, Monthly online Library of 20 min Movement Break sessions, Privates and Weekly Zoom classes.
Favourite Quote
“You are HOW you move!”
My Greatest Achievement To Date Adapting to Covid’s situation by creating a whole new online presence, without losing my customers along the way!
Unique Selling Point My approach to health is a WHOLE body, feet-based, and ideally furniture-free!
Who is my ideal customer Anyone who is interested in sustainable, WHOLE body health – not short-term band-aid fixes.
Customer Testimonials
“I loved everything about the private, online class. It was so eye-opening for me! Even being in fairly good shape and familiar with much of Katy Bowman’s work, I didn’t realize how much I would benefit from the restorative exercises. Annette is patient, thoughtful, and intuitive. It’s so clear that she truly wants me to feel better and discover new ways of moving in order to make that happen. While much of this is a process of self-discovery and exploration, Annette made the process approachable and realistic. I can’t wait to dive into the work. Annette is gold dust!“ Jennifer, USA
Here are 10 Tips to Help You through these challenging times!
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Exercise is optional. Movement is essential!

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